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The Peterborough Clinic does not offer a Walk-In Clinic service. 
The phone system for The Peterborough Clinic has changed.  Please visit the Physicians Profiles page to obtain contact information. 
The Extended Hours Service is only available to patients who have a family physician within the Clinic.   For further details about the Extended Hours service, please click on Extended Hours Service For Clinic Family Practice 
There are no family physicians taking on new patients at this time.  It is highly suggested to register with Health Care Connect - a provincial waitlist - to connect with a primary care provider accepting new patients. 
Registrations can occur over the phone or online. 
Phone: 1-800-445-1822 
Online: https:/ 
For Medical Records information, please visit the Contact Us page. 
For Parking information, please visit the Parking page. 
The roundabout is reserved for patient transporting vehicles, emergency vehicles and to allow quick patient drop off or pick-up. Parking within the roundabout is not permitted for any reason.  Vehicles will be monitored and ticketed.  It is encourage to use the patient/ visitor parking lot adjacent to the Clinic.  There are 15 minutes of free parking and ample parking/ accessible spaces available closer to the Clinic in the lower lot.

Physician Recruitment

Are you interested in joining a full-service, multi-specialty clinic, located next to the local hospital in the beautiful Kawarthas? Our Family Health Organization (FHO) has on-site Family Health Team (FHT) resources and is also located near hospitals in Campbellford, Cobourg and Lindsay. We host a number of specialists and work with the Peterborough Regional Health Centre to provide convenient office amenities for a variety of practices.

We take care of all business administration including finance, human resources, EMR and other technical support to create a simple start-up process and to ensure that our physicians can focus on practicing medicine. We even provide relief reception and nursing when employees are absent so that a physician’s office is not disrupted.

Our upscale clinic has been promoting group practice and partnership opportunities for almost 100 years! We are uniquely situated to offer FHO positions to full-time and part-time family practice physicians. You will have options to mentor with a retiring physician, accept a partial or full roster transfer and/or build your own practice. We are also interested in new graduates who may be considering locum opportunities and other creative models of group practice.

Currently, we have 40 physicians. Our 52,000 square foot facility opened its doors at 26 Hospital Drive in January 2008, located directly next to the Peterborough Regional Health Centre. The Clinic allows easy interaction with other physicians and ready consultation with specialists. The Clinic is fully equipped with modern technology and our EMR is shared among all members of the Clinic for improved patient documentation and remote access over a secure network server.

In addition to our physician complement, our patients also benefit from our Clinic’s onsite diagnostic imaging department, medical laboratory, audiology, physiotherapy, orthotics and pharmacy for greater convenience and faster care.

For more information, please contact Andrea Cromie, Chief Administrative Officer, at

Family Practice Opportunities
Billing Service
Practice Services

Family Practice Opportunities

The Peterborough Clinic FHO is currently recruiting family physician(s) licensed in Ontario. There are opportunities for full-time or part-time practice as a result of on-going needs in the area and/or when established physicians retire. The Clinic works in coordination with the Peterborough Family Health Team’s family practice recruitment program. Interested physicians can contact our CAO, Andrea Cromie directly (visit the Contact Us page).

Family physicians are remunerated as a Family Health Organization and also enjoy the benefits of working in a Family Health Team which includes nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, a dietician, a pharmacist, and mental health clinicians who are shared amongst all of the family physicians.

Arrangements for new physicians include no start-up costs, computers in each office and financial incentives. This is a turnkey operation with all services in place for the new physician. The Clinic is professionally managed and boasts an excellent overhead cost ratio.

Family practice call is completed in-house and is shared among 21 physicians. In addition, the readily available resources of the in-house specialists are a great asset to any family physician. The Clinic facility includes medical lab, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy and other health care providers. Medical lab and diagnostic imaging are integrated in the medical computer system. Hospital privileges are an option, they are not required.

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OB/GYN Suite

The Peterborough Clinic is a multi-specialty clinic where physicians work together in a collaborative environment. The Clinic’s location, directly beside the hospital, provides an ideal setting for a specialist with hospital privileges. Referrals come from the entire medical community; however, the rosters of the Clinic’s family physicians are close at hand, along with a shared EMR system.

Practice opportunities are usually dependent on hospital and operating privileges. Specialty physicians interested in Peterborough are encouraged to contact the Clinic at or the hospital at

Medical specialties present at the Clinic:

  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Paediatrics

Surgical specialties present at the Clinic:

  • General Surgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology

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Billing Service

The Clinic offers a complete billing service for any physician. The billing service includes entry of claims data (based on information supplied by the physician) into the Clinic’s medical computer system, electronic remittance to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, reconciliation of paid and rejected claims, follow-up of rejected claims and production of a monthly cheque to the physician based on paid claims. The Clinic charges a competitive fee for the service which is based on a percentage of claims paid.

The Clinic has been providing the billing service for many years to semi-retired physicians as well as other physicians who don’t have a regular office support system.

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Practice Services

The Clinic provides a turnkey medical office(s) and services to any non-clinic physician. Physicians using this service are referred to as ‘consulting’ physicians. This is an excellent resource for hospital-based physicians who don’t have an office or an out-of-town specialist looking to establish a presence in Peterborough to see patients.

Practice Services resources include an office and, if required, an examination room, full access to the Clinic’s medical computer system, receptionist, telephone, Internet access, complete billing and reconciliation service.

This service is available on a half-day or full-day basis.

To arrange a tour of our facility or to obtain additional information, please contact:

Andrea Cromie
Chief Administrative Officer
The Peterborough Clinic
(705) 740-6802


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