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MASKS are still mandatory in all Community based healthcare clinics as per the MOH Directives.  Patients and Visitors are still required to wear a mask while present in The Peterborough Clinic. 
All visitors to the Clinic must complete a COVID-19 Self-screening questionnaire, as well as provide proof of the screening at your appointment.  Self-Screening forms are available below in both a printable and via QR Code.  Please click on the preferred link below.   Please note the COVID-19 Self-screening QR Code is also posted at the main entrance, as well as throughout the building for your convenience. 
QR Code COVID19 Self Screening - Mar 3, 2022 
If you have an appointment at The Peterborough Clinic AND if you do not pass the screening, please stay home and call your physician’s office for further direction. 
You may also contact the Peterborough Public Health and speak with a nurse regarding your symptoms as well.   Please call: 705-743-1000   Ext.401 
If you are in distress, please call 911. 
The Peterborough Clinic 
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Vaccine Exemption Guidelines 



The Peterborough Clinic’s parking lot has been revamped.

The new parking entrance is now located on the right hand side of Hospital Drive – just past the Clinic and adjacent city bus stop.  A large parking sign is visible from Hospital Drive at the new entrance.  Please pull into the driveway up to the gate.  Please pull a ticket from the machine by placing your finger on the flat button that is encompassed by little lights.   A ticket will dispense.  Once the ticket is pulled from the machine the gate will rise.  Please feel free to park in any of the spaces available within the various tiers.  If you are visiting the Clinic for the first time, there are Accessible and additional parking spots available directly behind the building.  Upon entry into the parking lot, please follow the road to the right to the lower tier of parking spaces.

  • Parking is a daily flat fee of $7.00, Monday to Sunday.
  • For quick prescription pick-up or bill payments the first 15 minutes of parking is free.
  • There is a 15 minutes grace period from the time the ticket is paid at a Pay Station to return to your car and to exit the lot.
  • There are three Pay Stations available in and around the property.
    • South side of the staircase in the main lobby.
    • Outside the main entry doors to the Clinic.
    • Covered booth in the middle of the parking lot on the walking path.
  • Payments are also accepted by debit or credit cards at the two exit gates at Hospital Drive or Weller Street.  There is a pin pad, as well as a ‘tap’ feature available at both locations. Simply follow the prompts on the screen to make a payment.
  • Validation for free parking is available from Pharmasave (the Clinic pharmacy) with any purchase of a prescription.
  • There is a Scotiabank ATM located on the south side of the staircase in the main lobby.
  • There is a Change machine located outside the main entrance of the Clinic.

New Exit!!  To avoid congestion onto Hospital Drive, it is encourage to use the secondary exit onto Weller Street.   This exit is a right hand merge onto Weller Street only.

New Roundabout!!   The old driveway to the Clinic has been converted into a roundabout to allow quick patient drop off or pick-up. Parking within the new roundabout is not permitted for any reason.  Vehicles will be monitored and ticketed.


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