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The phone system for The Peterborough Clinic has changed.  Please go to the 'Physicians Profiles' to obtain contact information. 
Important!!  The Peterborough Clinic does not offer a Walk-In Clinic
The Extended Hours Service is only available to patients who have a family physician within the Clinic.   For further details about the Extended Hours service, please click on Extended Hours Service For Clinic Family Practice 


INR (Anticoagulation)

Our Family Health Team pharmacist and physicians work together to provide a convenient, one-stop monitoring program. The pharmacist uses a finger prick blood test that provides immediate results. From there, they can then adjust your medication as required in minutes rather than days, and in a single appointment. The pharmacist also record all patient visits in the electronic medical record that’s shared with your physician, so that your doctor always knows that status of your treatment.

For more information, visit the INR Section on the Peterborough Family Health Team website.



Profile Under Construction

Suite: 102 – FHT Support Services
Tel: (705) 740-6522
Fax: (705) 740-6850

Language: Engish

The Peterborough Clinic’s website was created as an information site only. Requests emailed through the Clinic’s site for the purpose of medical advice, follow-ups and or booking appointments will not be answered.  It is strongly recommended to phone the Family Health Team Support Services directly should any medical questions and or concerns arise.