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MASKS are still mandatory in all Community based healthcare clinics as per the MOH Directives.  Patients and Visitors are still required to wear a mask while present in The Peterborough Clinic. 
All visitors to the Clinic must complete a COVID-19 Self-screening questionnaire, as well as provide proof of the screening at your appointment.  Self-Screening forms are available below in both a printable and via QR Code.  Please click on the preferred link below.   Please note the COVID-19 Self-screening QR Code is also posted at the main entrance, as well as throughout the building for your convenience. 
QR Code COVID19 Self Screening - Mar 3, 2022 
If you have an appointment at The Peterborough Clinic AND if you do not pass the screening, please stay home and call your physician’s office for further direction. 
You may also contact the Peterborough Public Health and speak with a nurse regarding your symptoms as well.   Please call: 705-743-1000   Ext.401 
If you are in distress, please call 911. 
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Vaccine Exemption Guidelines 

Physician Profiles

Are you looking for a physician with a wealth of experience, who you can trust to look after your primary health care needs in a professional and caring manner? The Clinic’s highly qualified and experienced physicians come from a wide variety of backgrounds and interest areas. The following page displays the physician profiles at The Peterborough Clinic.  Please click on a link below to view the profiles.

Family Practice
Ahee, Dr. R. E.
Atfield, Dr. A. D.
Barber, Dr. D. C. A.
Bartlett, Dr. N. R.
Binette, Dr. A. T.
Binette, Dr. N. A.
Brien, Dr. E.
Cameron, Dr. B. C.
de Luna, Dr. R. P.
Dickie, Dr. M. J.
Friesen, Dr. J. C.
Lehmann-Bender, Dr. B.
Newport, Dr. D. A.
Pallett, Dr. R. C.
Romanowski, Dr. R. J.
Stoker, Dr. D. B.
Taylor, Dr. B. E.
Thompson, Dr. D. S.
Wesolowski, Dr. M. A.
Uy, Dr. A. F.
Zaniewski, Dr. G. A.

MacKenzie, Dr. B. M.
Reesor, Dr. J. N.

Freeman, Dr. C. L.

Brien, Dr. S. R.
Pandya, Dr. S.
Rajendran, Dr. B.

General Surgery
Ebisuzaki, Dr. L. K.
Gibb, Dr. G. K.

Harrington, Dr. B. D.
Kramer, Dr. B. N.

Cheung, Dr. C. H.
Hurst, Dr. J. D.
McDonald, Dr. J. C.
McReelis, Dr. K. D.
Yeung, Dr. J. Y-T.

Cozens, Dr. K. L.
Hardy-Brown, Dr. K. W.
Hughes, Dr. P. L.
White, Dr. R. A.

Periodic Clinics
Nugent, Dr. Z. S.
Rogers, Dr. W. L.

Safka, Dr. K. A.
Verma, Dr. G. E.

Sports Medicine
Barber, Dr. D. C. A.