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The Peterborough Clinic does not offer a Walk-In Clinic service. 
The phone system for The Peterborough Clinic has changed.  Please visit the Physicians Profiles page to obtain contact information. 
The Extended Hours Service is only available to patients who have a family physician within the Clinic.   For further details about the Extended Hours service, please click on Extended Hours Service For Clinic Family Practice 
There are no family physicians taking on new patients at this time.  It is highly suggested to register with Health Care Connect - a provincial waitlist - to connect with a primary care provider accepting new patients. 
Registrations can occur over the phone or online. 
Phone: 1-800-445-1822 
Online: https:/ 
For Medical Records information, please visit the Contact Us page. 
For Parking information, please visit the Parking page. 
The roundabout is reserved for patient transporting vehicles, emergency vehicles and to allow quick patient drop off or pick-up. Parking within the roundabout is not permitted for any reason.  Vehicles will be monitored and ticketed.  It is encourage to use the patient/ visitor parking lot adjacent to the Clinic.  There are 15 minutes of free parking and ample parking/ accessible spaces available closer to the Clinic in the lower lot.

Physician Profiles

Are you looking for a physician with a wealth of experience, who you can trust to look after your primary health care needs in a professional and caring manner? The Clinic’s highly qualified and experienced physicians come from a wide variety of backgrounds and interest areas. The following page displays the physician profiles at The Peterborough Clinic.  Please click on a link below to view the profiles.

Family Practice
Atfield, Dr. A. D.
Barber, Dr. D. C. A.
Bartlett, Dr. N. R.
Binette, Dr. A. T.
Binette, Dr. N. A.
Brien, Dr. E.
de Luna, Dr. R. P.
Friesen, Dr. J. C.
Lehmann-Bender, Dr. B.
McIsaac, Dr. S.
Mahendiran, Dr. S.
Matheson, Dr. C.
Romanowski, Dr. R. J.
Sovunthararajan, Dr. P.
Taylor, Dr. B. E.
Uy, Dr. A. F.
Wesolowski, Dr. M. A.
Zaniewski, Dr. G. A.

Reesor, Dr. J. N.

Freeman, Dr. C. L.

Brien, Dr. S. R.
Rajendran, Dr. B.

General Surgery
Yu, Dr. D.
Ebisuzaki, Dr. L. K.

Harrington, Dr. B. D.

Cheung, Dr. C. H.
Hurst, Dr. J. D.
McReelis, Dr. K. D.
Yeung, Dr. J. Y-T.

Cozens, Dr. K. L.
D’Alessandro, Dr. M.
Hardy-Brown, Dr. K. W.

Periodic Clinics
Rogers, Dr. W. L.

Dyal, Dr. H. – PRACTICE CLOSING MAY 31, 2024!!
Safka, Dr. K. A.
Verma, Dr. G. E.

Sports Medicine
Barber, Dr. D. C. A.