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MASKS are still mandatory in all Community based healthcare clinics as per the MOH Directives.  Patients and Visitors are still required to wear a mask while present in The Peterborough Clinic. 
All visitors to the Clinic must complete a COVID-19 Self-screening questionnaire, as well as provide proof of the screening at your appointment.  Self-Screening forms are available below in both a printable and via QR Code.  Please click on the preferred link below.   Please note the COVID-19 Self-screening QR Code is also posted at the main entrance, as well as throughout the building for your convenience. 
QR Code COVID19 Self Screening - Mar 3, 2022 
If you have an appointment at The Peterborough Clinic AND if you do not pass the screening, please stay home and call your physician’s office for further direction. 
You may also contact the Peterborough Public Health and speak with a nurse regarding your symptoms as well.   Please call: 705-743-1000   Ext.401 
If you are in distress, please call 911. 
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Sports Medicine

Dr. Darren Barber is a family physician who also has a focused practice in sports medicine. Dr. Barber completed his family medicine residency at the University of Manitoba in 2006 followed by participating in a musculoskeletal fellowship through the University of Manitoba the following year. Dr. Barber obtained his diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine in 2008 and has been practicing sports medicine since 2007. Dr. Barber’s range of experience comes from working in primary care sports medicine, acute care sports injuries, and a history of orthopedic surgical assisting. He has worked with professional and national teams as well as high school, university and adult recreation athletes to round out his experience.

As for services provided:
Sports Medicine at The Peterborough Clinic provides sports medicine consultations for patients who have been referred by a primary care practitioner. Dr. Barber will provide assessment, diagnosis, and offer treatment options for a variety of musculoskeletal concerns. Education behind injuries and review of imaging are standard practice. Common referrals include assessment of tendinopathies, osteoarthritis, and bursitis. Services provided also include point of care cortisone and visco supplement injections with ultrasound guidance when required.

Some injections offered but not limited to are:
*Osteoarthritic joints (i.e. shoulders, knees, thumbs, ankles, big toes),
*Tendons (i.e. trigger fingers, tennis / golfer’s elbows, De Quervain’s)
*Bursitis (i.e. shoulders -subacromial, knees – pes anserine, hips – greater trochanteric bursa)
*Large Bakers cysts

Suite: LL03
Office: (705) 740-6856
Fax: (705) 740-6898

The Peterborough Clinic’s website was created as an information site only. Requests emailed through the Clinic’s site for the purpose of medical advice, follow-ups and or booking appointments will not be answered. It is strongly recommended to phone the physician’s office directly should any medical questions and or concerns arise.

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