Physician Profiles


The Peterborough Clinic is a partnership with equal representation of partners. Group practice and the economies of scale that result permit access to technological advances for increased efficiencies (such as computerization and PACS) and access to other physicians and their specialty.

The standard process for practicing at the Clinic is full or part-time office practice eventually leading to partnership. The physician is free to set his or her own style. The Clinic is proud to have available a formal arrangement to permit practitioners to practice part-time.

An individual joins the Clinic as an associate. The arrangements include no start up costs and other financial incentives, including a minimum guaranteed annual remuneration.


Aashiem, Dr. L. H.
Ahee, Dr. R. E.
Armstrong, Dr. J. A.
Barber, Dr. D. C. A.
Bartlett, Dr. N. R.
Binette, Dr. R. F.
Brien, Dr. S. R.
Brown, Dr. C. E.
Cameron, Dr. B. C.
Cheung, Dr. C. H.
Cozens, Dr. K. L.
de Luna, Dr. R. P.
Dickie, Dr. M. J.
Ebisuzaki, Dr. L. K.
Freeman, Dr. C. L.
Gibb, Dr. G. K.
Hardy-Brown, Dr. K. W.
Harrington, Dr. B. D.
Hsu, Dr. C-W.
Hughes, Dr. P. L.
Hurst, Dr. J. D.
Kramer, Dr. B. N.
MacKenzie, Dr. B. M.
McDonald, Dr. J. C.
McReelis, Dr. K. D.
Newport, Dr. D. A.
Nugent, Dr. Z. S.
Pandya, Dr. S.
Rajendran, Dr. B.
Reesor, Dr. J. N.
Rogers, Dr. W. L.
Romanowski, Dr. R. J.
Stoker, Dr. D. B.
Thompson, Dr. D. S.
Wesolowski, Dr. M. A.
UY, Dr. A. F.
Whatley, Dr. R. J.
White, Dr. R. A.
Yeung, Dr. J. Y-T.
Zaniewski, Dr. G. A.