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Parking system

In 2008, the Peterborough Clinic at 26 Hospital Drive introduced a more modern paid parking system to the community.

This state of the art parking system works with reusable plastic cards that allows a patient or guest to enter or exit the Clinic’s parking lot located behind the building.




  • $6.00 for the first 2 hours; than an additional $3.00 every hour thereafter or part thereof.
  • $4.00 Flat fee for Saturday and Sunday.
  • You have 12 minutes of free parking starting from the time you receive a parking card.  This time frame was designed for patient drop-off or pick-up, deliveries, or quick visits.
  • Once parking has been paid at one of the Pay Stations, you have 12 minutes to exit the parking lot without additional fees.
  • Parking Validation available within Pharmasave (Clinic pharmacy) with any purchase of a prescription.

ATTENTION! Please bring your parking card with you to your appointment.


Pay Station in LobbyPay Station outsideThere are two pay stations available on Clinic property. The first station is located in the main lobby behind the switchboard enclosure.  The second pay station is located outside the main entrance way.

You must insert your parking card into the pay stations to make a payment.

The pay stations accept bills, coins, and credit cards.

There is a Scotiabank ATM located in the main lobby.



1. Slowly merge to the first grey and yellow stand at the south end of the parking island.  Here you will see a small electronic window indicating to push the yellow button just off to the right.
2. Press the yellow button.  The machine will than dispense a white and grey card.
3. Take the card.  This will trigger the parking arm to rise for entrance.
4. Simply follow the arrows to the right to find a parking spot.

Entrance Parking Stand

ATTENTION! Please be sure to bring your parking card with you to your appointment.



1. Slowly merge towards the grey and yellow stand at the north end of the parking island.
2. Insert your ‘paid’ parking card into the indicated slot on the machine.
3. The arm for the gate will rise.
4. Exit with caution when merging onto Hospital Drive.  This street is very busy.

ATTENTION! Please be sure to pay for your parking at one of the Pay stations prior to returning to your car.

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